Too Many Tweets Can Be Bad For All Parties

twitter-logosSome people tweet a lot. I follow a good deal of them. Sometimes excessive tweeting can include plenty of wisdom. Often times, however, it is just annoying. Chances are that if you follow somebody, you do care what they have to say, at least to some extent. If they tweet too much though, you may find yourself caring less, and you may even decide to unfollow them. Do you unfollow people who tweet too much?

Excessive tweeting is at the root of more than one of Twitter’s problems.

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Twitter Masuk Nominasi Nobel Perdamaian

twitterPasti diantara anda banyak yang sudah mendengar nama situs yang satu ini. Twitter, sebuah situs microblogging yang berbasis di San Fransisco, telah ‘melangkahi’ jalur Facebook dengan sangat mengagumkan.

Mark Pfeifle, seorang Deputy National Security Adviser mantan presiden George W. Bush yang berasal dari aliran Republic, percaya bahwa founder Twitter seharusnya memenangkan hadiah Nobel Perdamaian (Nobel Peace Prize) untuk aturan yang dimainkan Twitter berkaitan dengan aksi protest di Iran.

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Twitter Applying To Have ‘Tweet’ Trademarked

twitterTwitter is attempting to gain some kind of control of the use of “Twitter” and “Tweet” in a way that reminds me of Google’s attempt back in 2006.

TechCrunch got its hand on an email that was sent out to one Twitter app developer:


Twitter, Inc is uncomfortable with the use of the word Tweet (our trademark) and the similarity in your UI and our own. How can we go about having you change your UI to better differentiate your offering from our own?


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