IDVN Design Visualization Challenge 2010

In this challlenge, contestants are tasked to design and render an exterior scene of a Balinese villa, based on the massing model provided.


1. General

  • Challenge is open to all IDVN Members and Administrators.
  • The provided model must be part and the focus of the scene. You may however add objects and/or refine the model to suit your need.

2. Technical

  • This challenge is a work-in-progress challenge. All contestants are required to post their work-in-progress images for community to critique / comment in order to qualify.
  • You may use any software and/or render engine.
  • You may use any pre-made models and/or stock libraries to enhance your scene.
  • You may use post-processing software to enhance final renderings.

3. Administrative

  • You are only allowed to submit one image as your final.
  • The resolution for your final rendering should not be less than 1200px on the shortest side. We however encourage you to render as large as you can possibly render.
  • Once completed, send us your final image to so we can lock and display them on the first post of your thread.
  • Final image submitted to us should not have any watermarks, title, border/frame or whatsoever. We will put the watermark for you.
  • Winners need to produce β€˜Making of’ articles to be eligible for prizes.


  • The keywords of this challenge are β€œBali” and “Tranquility”, so we are looking for images that are artistic and can capture the Balinese mood and spirit.
  • Browse for resort and spa books and magazines to get an idea of the sort of image we are after.
  • We are not looking for futuristic or extreme improvisation of Balinese architecture.
  • You are free to decide the location of the site and its environments. It can be located at the forest, beach, cliff, mountanous area or else.
  • Be original and creative.


Start Date: Saturday, 13 March 2010
Submission Date: Friday, 28 May 2010 (Midnight, Jakarta Time).


1. Criterias

  • Architectural Design
  • Aesthetics, including Mood and Ambience created.
  • Technical Aspects, such as Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Composition.

2. Judgements

  • Final works will be judged 75% by Judges and 25% by Member Votings.
  • In the case that Administrator gains high rates and won the challenge, we will considered it as a Favorite Winner and not the Main Winners. Chances for the First, Second and Third Winners are all Members’.

3. Judges

  • Alex Gunawan (3DA)
  • Johansen Yap (Aboday)
  • IDVN Administrators


First Winner:
Rp. 3.000.000 worth of prize
IDVN Challenge Winner Badge
IDVN T-Shirt (Black)

Second Winner:
Rp. 2.000.000 worth of prize
IDVN Challenge Winner Badge
IDVN T-Shirt (Black)

Third Winner:
Rp. 1.000.000 worth of prize
IDVN Challenge Winner Badge
IDVN T-Shirt (Black)

Consolation Prizes for 2 Favorite Winners:
Rp. 500.000 worth of prize
IDVN T-Shirt (Black)




To enter the challenge, create your own thread under IDVN Challenge 2010 forum with the following subject format:
[IDVN Challenge 2010] Username


By downloading the model and/or entering the challenge, you agree to the following term and conditions.

  • All credits for the materials provided should go the author of the model (Andri Iskandar) and IDVN.
  • Artist retains the copyright of all entered materials and are free to use them for personal promotion purpose. with appropriate credits to the author of the model and IDVN.
  • Artist are allowed to post all their entered materials on other websites (including weblogs, forums and/or social networks websites), but must link back to IDVN and/or its challenge thread.
  • Artist grants IDVN and challenge sponsors rights to use all entered materials in the context of the challenge in any media for sales, marketing and merchandising material provided full and correct credit for the artist clearly appears with said materials.
  • IDVN will not be responsible on the softwares, pre-made models and/or stock libraries used by its member in this competition.



for more information, please go to : IDVNetworks Forum

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