TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, Film Dengan Kesalahan Terbanyak

transformer-pics-03Baru beberapa hari lalu saya posting tentang film TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN yang dirilis 19 Juni itu berhasil merajai Box Office, namun ternyata film tersebut juga memperoleh gelar baru yaitu film dengan kesalahan terbanyak. Lho ? Kok bisa ?

Berdasarkan situs MovieMistakes , sampai saat ini sudah ada sekitar empat puluh kesalahan yang terdeteksi pada film ini. MovieMistakes adalah situs yang mencari kesalahan yang terjadi pada film-film yang beredar di pasaran saat ini. Dalam 24 jam pertama, situs ini sudah berhasil mendeteksi sekitar tiga belas kesalahan yang terjadi dan lolos dari pengamatan tim produksi film ini. Dalam waktu singkat, jumlah kesalahan itu meningkat menjadi empat puluh buah.

Salah satu kesalahan yang disebutkan adalah gelas berisi minuman yang dibawa Shia LaBeouf. Gelas berisi minuman ini berganti-ganti menjadi kosong dan penuh dalam adegan yang sama. Kesalahan lain yang terdeteksi adalah adegan di padang pasir. Menurut ContactMusic, jumlah kesalahan film ini berhasil membawa film ini ke posisi teratas disusul film ANGELS AND DEMONS dengan sembilan belas kesalahan. ContactMusic juga hampir serupa dengan MovieMistakes, dimana Contact Music adalah situs yang khusus me-review foto, video, dan film entertainment.

Cuplikan kesalahan film TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN beberapa diantaranya :

  • When Sam is supposedly dead, it shows him walking into a bright light while talking to Autobots. It shows Sam’s pinky and ring finger wrapped up in a bandage, but a couple of seconds later the bandage has changed to wrapping Sam’s middle and ring fingers.
  • While Mikaela and Sam are running through Egypt, they both take off their jackets. Sam drops his jacket, but in the next shot it’s in his hand again.
  • When the Decepticons are reviving Megatron, General Morshower states something like “coming up from 9,000 fathoms”. 9,000 fathoms is approximately 16,000 meters. The Laurentian Abyss, where Megatron was supposedly dropped, is around 6,000 meters
  • In one scene we’re shown a Predator B UAV taking off. This is a shot of an actual Predator B, which is a pusher turboprop. In a later scene we come back to the Predator, now on site, in a CG shot. The CG model is some kind of mutant Predator with a turbojet – no prop at all. This is the same mutant CG model used in TF1, but here it is a continuity error with the real shots.
  • In one of the first scenes with Devastator ‘inhaling’ everything in sight, there is an SFX shot of some random bystander hanging on for dear life, then losing his grip and being sucked in. During this shot you can see the matte halo around the person as they flail and ‘fall’. It is especially noticeable given the general high quality of the effects in the film: by contrast this looks like a cheap effects shot from an old movie.
  • When Mikaela is airbrushing the motorcycle, if you look in the bowl (where the paint goes) there is no indication of any paint.
  • In the scene where the N.E.S.T Major is demoted, the liaison rips off the Major’s velcro rank insignia, leaving an empty space. After the liaison leaves, you can see the gap has been replaced by something else.
  • In the scene where Sam is running out of his college class, he spills a bunch of papers on the steps. Behind him, you see a woman in a skirt coming down the same side as him and three hot females. The camera shifts and from this other angle, the woman in the skirt and the three hot females are barely stepping through the arch before the stairs.
  • When Jetfire uses the “space bridge” to instantaneously move the characters from Washington, D.C. to the Middle East (on the other side of the planet), it was still daylight. 7:30 p.m. (summer closing hours at the museum) in D.C. is 2:30am where they arrived, but it was still broad daylight.

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6 comments on “TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, Film Dengan Kesalahan Terbanyak

  1. weleh..weleh
    harus berapakali puter ya supaya dapat kesalahan2 itu.

    belum nonton,jadi ga tertarik. lebih seru Red Cliff 1 & 2

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