Introducing the Latest, Multiply 4.0

multiplyAfter months of working on making Multiply better — and doing so in a huge way — we’re finally ready to show the world what we’ve come up with.

We’ve given Multiply what on the surface may look like a fresh coat of paint, but amounts to much, much more than that. Multiply’s clean new look perfectly integrates this bundle of new features for easier and better sharing. The biggest of these include:

A Fresh New Inbox

inboxThe Multiply Inbox is already the best way to stay on top of everything new and important from the people you know. The best has gotten even better at keeping you up-to-date, in ways that make more sense.

You’ll immediately notice our new left ‘rail’ area, which makes it easy — with a single click — to quickly switch between posts from people you know and groups you’re in.

Also important is Custom Filters now appearing under Inbox. This powerful feature lets you view your Inbox in virtually any way you want, and its new home makes it a feature that everyone will know and love.

And that’s just the beginning of what’s new on your Inbox.

A Supercharged New Media Locker

medialockerYou already know what makes the Multiply Media Locker great — it’s where you can view and manage all the content you’ve added to Multiply, whether shared or unshared, AutoUploaded, etc.

Now you can do more with your media; we’ve added the ability the edit your photos right from inside the Media Locker including rotating, cropping, removing red-eye and more! Make your photos look perfect and then share them, all from one place.

Getting to your Media Locker is now a lot easier, with a tab at the top of every page on Multiply. The Media Locker also sports a great new look similar to the Inbox’s.

There’s More!

printproductsThere’s a whole lot more to the new Multiply. There are new ways to get your photos onto Multiply, better ways to connect with the people you know, an improved Shop section that includes ideas to help you pick the best photo gift… and much, much more.

We told you we’ve been busy!

Want the complete rundown?

Win a lifetime of Multiply Premium

ribbonMultiply not only makes it easy to store and share stuff with people you care about, but also gives you ways to customize your site to make it look great when you’re sharing.

For all of you with the skills to make great themes, Multiply is giving you a chance to prove it.

Make something great and win a lifetime subscription of Multiply Premium, a little Multiply fame and glory for yourself… and even a free year of Premium for those closest to you.

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